The Spoils of Summer

We live in an age of instant gratification: Facebook, smart phones, instant messanger, fast food, etc. Heck, these days it’s even rare for parents to wait until their child is born to find out the gender. Of course, the reason for this is because once the technology was available, human nature said gimme! Gimme! We’ve all been there. I love that I can buy a book on my Nook and be reading it in a few minutes. But sometimes waiting makes it even better. For example, Indiana sweet corn is the BEST. Seriously, you’ve never had corn so sweet (unless you happen to live in Indiana). But it doesn’t get flown in from warm weather climates in the dead of winter so you can eat it whenever you get a craving. You have to wait until mid August when the corn is harvested and at its peak.

Well, today is September 1st, which means that despite today’s 92 degree temperature, Fall is upon us. There are lots of produce items that are at their peak in the Fall, but summer fruits and veggies are some of my absolute favorite. So I’m on a mission to enjoy as much summer related food as possible while it’s still readily available. At the top of my list is a delicious salad I recently discovered:

That’s arugula, watermelon, and feta cheese. And it’s SO good. I didn’t come up with this salad on my own, I read about it on one of the blogs I follow, Peanut Butter Fingers. I thought it sounded intriguing and wanted to try it. Then I mentioned the combination to my mom and she immediately said she’d made it several times and really liked it. So then I knew I really had to try it. I just wish I’d tried it sooner! I plan to eat my body weight in watermelon and this salad until it disappears from the grocery store.

Did I mention it was 92 degrees here today? BLECH. So on the way home from class today, I decided to stop at a self-serve fro yo place because it was on the way home (okay, so I took a route that made it on the way home). This place opened while I was in DC and I’m guessing it will close for the winter, so I’ve been enjoying it (on a limited basis) while I can. they rotate certain flavors and I was disappointed to see that red velvet was gone, so I couldn’t have my favorite combo, red velvet + cake batter. But my back up option was pretty darn good. Cake batter and blueberry swirl with fresh blueberries on top. It was so good and refreshing. I don’t have a picture because I got it to go and I didn’t think to take a picture until I got home. By then it had melted quite a bit and was not very photogenic. Haha. You’ll just have to use your imagination.

The moral of the story is, instant gratification-like self serve fro-yo-is best in small quantities. So enjoy all the fresh fruits and veggies and soak up these last rays of summer.




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