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Hello fashion fanatics! I’m so excited to be writing my first real fashion post on our new blog. Remember how I said I’m a real girl on a real budget? Well I am, and I’ve got a great deal for you. I’m talking shoes for less than $30! Okay, I’ll stop basking in the glory of my fabulous find and tell you all what the heck I’m talking about.

Tom’s shoes have exploded in popularity recently…Or maybe it’s just recent for Indiana.  We’re not exactly known for being real fashion forward up here. Anyway, I see Tom’s shoes of every color and pattern imaginable everywhere I go. I’ll admit, I’m really not a huge fan of these shoes…except for their Glitters. I first saw these in DC this summer and thought they were adorable. But while I think Tom’s  has a great mission and I totally support donating to charities, I’m just not one to spend $50+ on a pair of shoes unless I can’t live without them or I’m going to be wearing them all the time. Sketchers actually makes a knock-off version of Tom’s called”Bob’s” and they make a pair just like these glitter ones. But I would feel like a total ass wearing a knock off version of a shoe that benefits the needy, so I didn’t buy them.

Fast forward to today. I stopped by Gordman’s after class because I hadn’t been there in awhile and felt like browsing. I really wasn’t planning on buying anything (I know, I know, going inside was my first mistake). But then I saw a pair of shoes very similar to the Tom’s shoes I liked so much. But they weren’t Tom’s (or Bob’s) and best of all…They were only $24.95!


They’re kind of tight across the top of my foot, so I’m wearing them around my house to make sure they’re not horribly uncomfortable (I’m going to be running a marathon in them after all). But I really like them, and I hope they work out. While we’re on the topic, flats are also the perfect thing to wear during that awkward time when it seems too cold to wear sandals but its certainly not cold enough to wear boots. And even though its 92 degrees in my city today, they say it will be fall soon. If you’re interested in this shoe and don’t have a Gordman’s in your city, the brand is Rock & Candy. I did some investigating and discovered that this brand is available through a lot of shoe retailers, including: DSW,, etc.

Have a great night!




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  1. Akkira Foster

    Oooh super cute! I will be looking into these! I’ll be checking on this. I am on a serious serious budget myself.

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