Belts 101

I talk a lot in my fashion posts about how accessories can make the outfit, and belts are a great example of this. Just like jewelry, a cute belt can make an outfit instantly look more pulled together. And for those of us with tiny waists but a curvier bottom half, belts are a lifesaver. Cinching your waist with a belt has become especially popular ever since President Obama was elected and people started paying very close attention to what First Lady Michelle Obama was wearing.


Clearly, the First Lady knows what a great fashion tool belts are. But when something becomes really popular, lots of people start copying the trend, and it doesn’t always get done right. When I’m out in public, I’m always observing what other people are wearing, it’s how I’ve gotten the idea for some of my favorite outfits. But lately I’ve noticed a lot of people wearing a belt the wrong way.

Unless it’s being used to hold your pants up, a belt should always be worn around the smallest part of your waist. For most people, this is going to be just below or right at where your ribs stop. Wearing a belt any lower than that is going to emphasize what-for most people-is the largest part of their waist, and that’s definitely not what you’re going for. Here’s photographic proof:

This is NOT flattering folks!

Now here it is again, done correctly:

Can you see the difference?! Even though I have a long torso, wearing the belt that low makes me look stumpy and definitely emphasizes my tummy.

I put on the plain white t-shirt for two reasons. 1) the focus of this post was on how to wear a belt, not on the outfit itself and 2) Several of the times where I saw a woman wearing a belt too low, she was wearing it with a white t-shirt. But before I go, here’s an outfit with a belt that  I’d actually wear. The definition of my waist is much clearer with this outfit thanks to the shape of the cardigan.

Ruffled tank: Energie, Kohl’s
Cardigan: Mossimo, Target
Python belt: Anne Taylor

So break out your belts folks, and emphasize those waists! (Oh, and you’re welcome for posting an unflattering picture of myself on the internet so you don’t end up with a picture like that.)



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3 responses to “Belts 101

  1. So I didn’t read the post I was just scrolling and I saw the first picture and was like “Wait…that’s NOT how you wear a belt! What is Vanessa thinking?!”

    Then I read the post and the caption….and it all made perfect sense.
    Great post V, LOVE the belt cinching techniques!!


    • I’m so propud! You knew right away that that was wrong 🙂 I just hope no one else skims without reading and thinks “why is this fashion challenged person telling other people how to dress?!” LOL


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