Better Than Your Sweats

I don’t wear sweat pants in public. Ever. No judgement if you do, I just choose not to. It feels sloppy to me, and they’re really unflattering. Now, I know a lot of people say they wear sweats because they’re in a hurry or they want to be comfortable. My response to that? Jeans do not take any longer to put on than sweat pants, and they look 100 times better. As for comfort…well if you think jeans are uncomfortable, you’re either buying the wrong size or we have a difference of opinion and  I’m not going to be able to change your mind. But I do believe it’s entirely possible to find outfits that are comfortable and casual without looking sloppy. And why wouldn’t you chose cute comfort over sloppy comfort if you could? As always, I have examples for you:

Plaid shirt: So, Kohl’s
Jeggings: Elle, Kohl’s

This shirt is super soft flannel, and the jeans are technically “jeggings,” so they’re thinner than normal jeans and super stretchy. they’re so comfortable that I also have them in grey and black and wear them all the time*.

Shoes: Sperry topsiders, Shoe Carnival

Pair the outfit with deck shoes that are comfortable (always a plus!) and give the outfit a laid back vibe

* A quick word of advice on the above jeans: “Jeggings” have gotten a bad rep lately, with people claiming that only super skinny tall girls can wear these. Or that they’re just as bad as leggings. But anyone can pull these off as long as you follow these rules:

1) If they don’t have a button, zipper, and pockets, they’re just leggings that look like jeans and should not be worn without a shirt long enough to cover your butt

2) They’re meant to fit snugly, but if you can’t pull a little fabric away from your leg, they’re too small.

Anyway, on to outfit #2…

What’s not to love about this outfit? Once again, these jeans are practically leggings, the sweater is warm and loose fitting, and it looks great with flats. But best of all, it’s cute and put together

…Now tell me again why you wear sweats in public??




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2 responses to “Better Than Your Sweats

  1. Michelle

    I actually used to go out to my classes in college wearing sweats and a T-shirt for my freshman year way back when. A lot of people noticed in my choir class and asked me why I don’t wear jeans…they’re more fitting to my form. I had told them I didn’t like jeans because I thought that they were uncomfortable – they closed up around my body instead of being more loose. The next year (that would be my sophomore year), I tried to take up jeans again. Just because I used to love them and then I got back into them. My friends in choir noticed right away. And when I say my friends, I mean the guys. They were like “I didn’t know you had a body Michelle!” And I don’t think I’ve worn sweats out in public since. Not because of their reaction, but because I found jeans just as comfortable. It helps when they’re the stretchy kind. 🙂

  2. Hahaha, yep! Everyone is guilty of occasionally wearing sweats to class, especially freshman year (why is that?). I did it too. But I love changing into sweats when I get home for the day and if I wore them everywhere else, they wouldn’t be lounge wear anymore 😉


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