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I have a new post for you all that will also become a reoccurring feature on the fashion page. As I’ve said before, I get a lot of ideas for different ways to use what I already have in my closet just by watching the people around me. My city may not be a hot bed of fashionistas, but there are plenty of girls out there who really know how to dress well. So I decided that I would start ocassionally posting pictures of what I wore that day, not to tell you all what you should or shouldn;t wear, but to hopefully give you some inspiration when it feels like you’ve worn everything in your closet 1,000,000,000 times already. Sometimes it’ll be lumped in with another post and sometimes it’ll be by itself like today. I hope you guys find this feature useful. I usually won’t be talking much about the outfit, but if you have any questions feel free to ask. So without further ado, here’s the first outfit (sorry about the horrible picture quality, there is absolutely no natural light today):

Occasion: Work
Grey cardigan: JC Penney’s
Black dress pants: Kohl’s
Turqouise camisole: Maurices
Python belt: Anne Taylor, $19
Cross necklace: Maurices

I’ll continue to provide info on the price of items and where I got them like I have been, in case anyone is curious. But I keep my clothes for a really long time, so I may not always remember the price. Almost everything I’m wearing in this outfit is at least 2 years old and I honestly can’t remember any of the prices. And look, there’s that python belt again. I told you it was versatile!


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