The Perfect Grilled Cheese

For dinner tonight, I enjoyed grilled cheese and my one of my favorite soups (The Fresh Market’s elusive chicken tortilla soup if you’re curious). I love grilled cheese. But really, who doesn’t? Hahaha. I have a confession though, I used to be horrible at making it. I mean sure, I could slap cheese between two slices of bread and grill it. But the outside would usually be done before the cheese had even started melting, and I could never figure out how restaurants got their grilled cheese so crispy. maybe I was just slow on the uptake and you all know the solutions to these issues. But in case you didn’t, I decided to post some of my tips for the perfect grilled cheese.

1. Toast the bread. The secret to getting a crispy grilled cheese sandwich is toasting the bread before you butter it and grill the sandwich. A friend told me this once when I was complaining that my grilled cheese was never crispy. And it works!


2. Let the cheese sit out for a little while before you make your sandwich. if the cheese is room temperature when you make the sandwich, it will melt faster (although if you’re using Kraft singles, this probably isn’t necessary because they melt really fast)


3. Finally, cook on medium-low heat and flip often (tongs work much better than a spatula). then enjoy!



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