Healthy Substitutes

today I’m joining Brittany in her observance of Salubrious September  with a post about healthy eating and dealing with cravings. You know from this post that I’ve been trying over the past year or so to eat healthier. Whether I like it or not, I’m heading into my mid-twenties (Brittany, no comments from you. You’re only a year younger!). Unfortunately, diabetes and obesity also run in my family. So I have to be very careful about that. Since I’ve started cooking more and making healthier choices, I have mostly lost my taste for fast food and actually prefer whole wheat pasta. But I’ll be honest with you, I still have a huge weak spot for soda, ice cream, and Starbucks. Maybe I’ll always want more of these things than I should, or maybe I’ll eventually lose my taste for them as well (my mom swears she really doesn’t crave sugar anymore). But in the mean time, I have to make sure I’m making healthy choices without depriving myself. It’s important to indulge in your cravings once in awhile or they’ll get out of control. But the rest of the time you just have to say no. Or…you can find healthy substitutes that trick your brain into thinking it got what it wanted. Read on to find out how.

I really really love soda. Unfortunately, it’s also really really bad for you. of course, diet soda is an option. But I have a sensitivity to all artificial sweetners except splenda, they give me killer headaches. And really, diet soda isn’t that appealing. Well I’ve come to realize that while I do like the taste of soda, sometimes its just the bubbles that I crave. So now, if I’m really craving soda I trying drinking ice cold club soda first. Usually, this satisfies my craving and I just saved 150 calories while also getting extra water.


Ice cream is my second most common craving. But this one is a little easier to find substitutes for. There are lots of healthier ice cream alternatives out there that are way more delicious than diet soda. One I highly recommend are Skinny Cow products. I had the ice cream sandwiches a long time ago and remember not liking them very much. But it’s possible that my tastes have since changed or they changed their recipe. Either way, two of their products that I do like and have had recently are the white mint truffle bars and the mint with fudge ice cream cones. The cones are 150 calories and the truffle bars are only 100! As long as you’re not having one every night, these are a perfectly reasonable dessert. And they don’t taste low-cal at all, I promise.

Starbucks is a slightly harder craving to satisfy with an alternative. I can’t make drinks like Starbucks does at home, even if I wasn’t worried about the calorie content. But I have found one thing I can make at home that’s slightly lower in calories (not to mention cheaper!). it’s not Starbucks, but it’s pretty darn good. Hot chocolate with cinnamon. Yum! Swiss Miss milk chocolate hot chocolate mix only has 138 calories, as opposed to the 438 calories in a starbucks’ White Chocolate  Mocha. The cinnamon hot chocolate can be made with water or fat free milk and will usually satisfy my Starbucks craving.


Question of the night: do you have any healthy substitutes that you reach for when you have a craving for something not so healthy?


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  1. I love ice cream too! One thing I’ve adapted to is sorbet. Not sherbert, sorbet. If I’m indulging I go for Hagen Daas, mango sorbet. SO flavorful! The mango is so fresh and it’s literally all you can taste.
    I’m not big on sodas, but I do love sparkling water! It was an acquired taste 😉


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