Crock Pot Thoughts

Nothing says comfort food like a crock pot. It brings back the nostalgia of the 70s…I always think of the Brady Bunch for some reason. (Even though I recall that Alice usually made their meals…)

I don’t even know if crock pots were around in the 70s…but for some reason, to me, that is the era they bring to mind.

Now I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t spend my day googling different crock pots and , by proxy, recipes.

But really…this is what I googled: “Crock pots causing fires”

I’ll be the first to admit, I can be a bit paranoid. I keep  a sticky note over my laptop camera so “they” can’t see me. I worry about Glade plug ins causing fires (oddly enough I never worry about candles, cause I have never left one burning) and I have to unplug the Glade air fresheners when I leave. And now I worry about crock pots going crazy.

Despite the fact that I have successfully used a Crock Pot before, I still worry.

(If I have Boo with me, I worry less about leaving a Crock Pot going or a Glade air freshener plugged in.)

Logically, I know this fear is irrational. If you do your research and read all of the reviews and reports before you make your Crock Pot purchase…all should be well. Besides, most people leave toasters, microwaves and blenders plugged in when not in use. Crock Pots are designed specifically with that purpose in mind; to do the work while you’re AWAY.

And the fact that I’ve even made food successfully, in a Crock Pot, just proves my paranoia wrong.

But I’m done rambling on about Crock Pots…I need your thoughts. Once I get my CP back I’ll be sure to whip up some special stuff, like BBQ Pulled Chicken and my Black Bean Sweet Potato tacos!

Have you ever used a Crock Pot before? Do you have a favorite recipe?



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2 responses to “Crock Pot Thoughts

  1. I want a crock pot for Christmas! There are so many great crock pot recipes that I’ve found but can’t use. And I totally agree, the idea of leaving a crock pot on all day kind of freaks me out too :p I won’t run my dishwasher or dryer when I’m not at home (although I do run my dishwasher while I’m asleep), I unplug my plug in air fresheners if I’m going to be gone more than 1 or two nights, and I never leave my toaster plugged in. LOL.


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