Bad Days

We deviate from today’s regularly scheduled programming to focus on something a little different.

I know everyone can relate to the title, we’ve all had bad days. Days that were so bad, it was almost like they were scripted.

But you know who’s had some really bad days?



I’ve recently jumped on the 24 bandwagon and I’m, well, obsessed. But with every episode I keep thinking, “Man, that Kim Bauer is having one heck of a bad day!”

**MAJOR SPOLER ALERT (Stop reading if you haven’t seen the series yet!)

Season one, Kim sneaks out of her house to party with a friend and is kidnapped by some crazy people, she escapes, then she gets lost in the wilderness with her mom for a bit, goes to a safe house that isn’t so safe, runs to her former kidnapper for help, gets caught up in the middle of a drug deal gone bad, goes to jail, is proven innocent and then on her way to see her mom and dad  is re-kidnapped. Eventually she is saved and reunited with her father, cause her mom died. All within 24 hours. Great day!

Season two (so far) Kim is an Au Pair for a family where the father is violent. She gets the kid out of the house and the father hunts her down, threatens and attacks her. She escapes and goes to her father’s office, where a bomb explodes before she can receive assistance. She then has to take the kid to the hospital for injuries sustained by her abusive father. He catches them at the hospital and threatens to have Kim arrested for kidnapping (IRONIC MUCH). Her boyfriend beats him up and they escape in the dad’s car, but are then pulled over and the mom’s dead body is discovered in the trunk. Kim is once again arrested. Oh, and there’s a nuclear bomb set to detonate in LA, which they were trying to escape from. She is in the process of being transfered back to LA when they cause the cop car to crash and she escapes into the wilderness, gets caught in a snare, spends quality time with a conspiracy theorist woodsman, and then tries to hitchhike to her Aunt’s house. The first car is a creepy man, then she gets a ride from a woman. She makes a phone call to her dad who says goodbye cause he is going to fly the nuke away from LA and will be killed in the process. He doesn’t end up dying. She then gets taken hostage in a store robbery….. that’s as far as I’ve gotten in the second season.

FUN STUFF. Man, If I was her, I’d stay home…forever!

Some of you might say, “Umm I’m pretty sure Jack Bauer hasn’t had a super day either!” Well to that I say, Jack Bauer signed up for this gig. He chose his profession. Kim Bauer just has the worst luck ever and can’t seem to catch a break!

Also I mentioned to Military Man the clothing budget for 24 must be extremely low. People don’t change clothes multiple times a day…pretty much a genius concept to cut down the production budget! Naturally, that fact never occurred to Military Man, shocking I know. 😉

Tomorrow we will back to your regularly scheduled programming of healthy food and cute dog pics 😉



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