Sometimes You Have to Say No

My mom has taught me a lot of things over the years. How to cook with wine, how (and when) to get what you want, and how to drive a car, to name just a few. But today, I have one specific lessons she taught me regarding fashion in mind. “Not to wear anything that doesn’t fit or isn’t  flattering, no matter how cute it was on the hanger.” I was reminded of these words of wisdom today.


I’ve seen girls wearing shorts with tights lately and I like the look, but it doesn’t work with just any shorts.


Well today I saw the cutest black tweed shorts. I wanted them immediately and they were a good price….But then I saw them on me. My normal size was a little too tight in the waist so I went up a size, but this made them big everywhere else. That plus a few tiny pleats on the front (why pleats?! they don’t flatter almost anyone) just ruined them for my body. I stood in front of the mirror for probably five minutes, trying to decide if I could pull them off. But finally I had to realize that if I kept them, I’d be wondering if I looked okay the entire time I wore them. And if you’re not comfortable in an outfit, it shows. So sadly, these shorts had to go back to the store. There’s just no point in spending money on something that isn’t flattering or doesn’t fit. Sometimes you just have to say no.


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