Quick fixes

I fully intended on creating something delicious in the kitchen tonight…but it was rainy and my Target trip took longer than anticipated so by the time I hit the register, I was ravenous!

Chips, coca cola (I don’t even like coca cola!), cookies, gummy treats, they were all singing to me with their alluring Siren’s call.

And as tempting as they were, I managed to leave the store with something that was both satisfying and healthy.

Enter: Starkist Lunch To Go

The friendliest looking fish dish!


It comes with tuna, crackers, light mayo, relish and a mint! (plus a spoon and napkin)

The whole kit and caboodle has 240 calories, 9 g fat, 20 g carbs, and 18 g protein! (I’m betting most of the fat & carb content comes from the crackers which are an easy swap!)

My wallet and my waistline won this hunger battle!

Side note: Has anyone else read The Hunger Games series?  I read the first 2 books awhile ago and have yet to complete the 3rd. Again another awesome series that is actually a “young adult” novel. I guess some of us never really grow up!

Enjoy your evening! I’m curling up with the latest Fitness magazine and Prevention. We are supposed to get freezing temperatures tonight and I’m SO happy about it!! 🙂



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