Traditional Holiday Treats

With the changing of the season we get to experience cooler weather (in some parts), set up festive decorations, and spend quality time with loved ones. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons! I love having chilly weather and being able to bundle up in cute scarves and jackets!

There are also delicious treats that only come around this special time of year!

Eggnog, Starbucks Fall drinks, Einstein Bros Winter Blend Coffee, Canned Pumpkin, and Peppermint Bark (Julie @ PB Fingers made some!!)

But with the good comes the bad.

My LEAST favorite Christmas…item…(I refuse to honor it with the word “treat”)



I do NOT understand the appeal of this AT ALL. Do you like fruitcake? The premise sounds promising; I like fruit and I like cake. You’d think the combination of 2 delicious items would create something doubly delicious. Not illness on a plate. Just goes to show you that some things are best left separate.

The sight of this in the grocery store makes me cringe!

I’ve tried to warm up to it over the years. Someone would inevitably make their Great great aunt Martha’s recipe, “I know you’ll love it cause Great Great Aunt Martha was a great great cook!” I’ve nibbled out of politeness but I’ve never been able to stomach it.

Boo, however, hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like.


I found a cute little shirt for him at Target that says “Official Cookie Taster.” A title he’s is MORE than happy to accept!

What’s your opinion on fruitcake?

Have a great weekend!

(**My next few recipes will be featuring my slow cooker!!**)




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