Popcorn Overload!

This weekend I was determined to come up with some healthy snacks for post-work//evening. If I don’t plan out my daily snacks, the drive home turns into, “FEED ME FOOD FAST!” And unhealthy options are pretty much as speedy as it gets.

But POPCORN is the solution to my problem!


I bought an air popper and after a bit of trial and error, we finally figured out how to work it and now I’ll prepare some delicious popcorn to bring to and from work. It is easy to dress up and delicious alone. Plus it packs fiber, which keeps you full!

But plain popcorn, while good, needs a little kick!
I like using the I can’t believe it’s not butter spray, which is good enough alone. However, you can always add an assortment of other delicious toppings!!

Some ideas (and personal favorites):
-melted chocolate
-warmed peanut butter (messy but oh so good! And extra protein!)
-nutritional yeast
-Parmesan cheese
-paprika (just a dash)
-hot sauce

One of my least favorite toppings… Movie theatre “butter.” Or rather a substance similar to a liquid a car would leak. This “butter” is so disturbing to me, but so many people love it!! My friends love the stuff, and my dad and I bring our own spray butter to the theaters. Crazy or crazy genius?!

What are some of your favorite popcorn toppings? Do you go for the movie butter or do you bring your own popcorn toppings?

Have a great evening!


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