There’s no place like…home?

Today felt like the longest day of my life.

Last night my mom called to inform me that our family dog Pippi has cancer. It was very sudden. The vet said that by the time there are symptoms it is already too late. Apparently it is a blood cancer and it is very aggressive.

My mom, being the animal lover she is, has ordered ES Clear Dog Cancer Support for Pippi. The reviews are really quite remarkable. Even if it doesn’t cure her cancer, at least it will make her time here more comfortable. We are hardcore dog lovers and they truly are members of our family.

And you don’t just give up on family.

And speaking of family, it’s hard to be away from mine this time of year, and now even more so. I wish I could be there to love on Pippi and see my mom and dad.

In spite of my parents being divorced, Christmas was always a special time of year. The parent that I wasn’t with would always call on Christmas Day and I’d spend a good half hour telling them ALL about the gifts! As I grew older the phone calls changed to more heartfelt greetings and “Remember when…?”

This is my first Christmas away from both of my parents and all of my family.

It’s difficult. But I know that I’m starting my own branch on the family tree and I will get to create new traditions with new family members! The only constant in life is change, you’ve got to be able to roll with it.

I’m going to drive around and enjoy the beautiful lights….and maybe next week I’ll share the proposal story!

Prayer for my Pippi would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



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    HARD CORE DOG LOVERS!!!!!! BAM!! dats how we roll ,yo 🙂

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