New Additions!

Well folks it would seem that my little family is going to get a little bigger!!

No, we’re not expecting! No babies for quite awhile thankyouverymuch!

We got a puppy this weekend! Her name is Zoey and she is the cutest little babydog ever (and by ever I mean, since Boo, of course!) Military Man has never had a dog before so we decided it was time to change that. As someone who grew up with dogs (or a veritable menagerie, in general) I never knew people didn’t have pets!

We love our little Boo (as you well know!) and I’m SO happy he will have a friend to spend time with. Zoey is a terrier/lab mix and 100% adorable.

Zoey is going to be more Military Man’s dog, if you can’t tell from the above photo! While Boo loves Military Man, he is definitely “my dog” due to being raised by me.  Little Miss Zoey is living with Military Man at the moment and he is the one doing the training, cuddling, bathing etc.
Raising a puppy is a truly rewarding experience and I’m very happy that the love of my life will be able to participate in such a fun event!

How old were you when you got your first pet? Are you a cat or dog person?

I like cats but I’m a dog person. I just love the “cuddle” factor you get with dogs!

Have a good evening!



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