Vanessa’s post about pictures really struck home with me.

Yesterday my mom called to let me know that our dog, Pippi, had passed away.


I can’t stop thinking about the “should have’s” and it’s making life a little difficult. She was such a good dog and I wish I could’ve been there to see her one last time. I wish I had taken more time during my Thanksgiving trip to see her and play with her. I knew she was older, but I never thought she’d pass away so quickly. Pippi was my shadow. My mom would ask, “Where’s Brittany?” and Pippi would run upstairs to my room and scratch at my door. When I left for college and my mom asked her “Where’s Brittany?” she’d run and stand at the front door. She was so loyal and loving.

She LOVED men and it was so amusing to watch! Upon sitting in a man’s lap, she’d look up at him and then throw herself back into his chest. She had a habit of sitting on people and then throwing herself back, completely trusting that they would catch her.

I feel like the years have just flown by way too fast. Military Man texted me the other day about wanting to get a puppy when he retires so it will keep him active. Being the number one dog lover in the universe, you’d expect that I’d be behind him 100%, but now I’m not so sure. It hurts so much to lose them.

Pippi San, you will be loved forever. ❤



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