Let it be known that I LOVE Pinterest. We have a bond unlike any other. It’s there for me any time of day (or night.)

That being said, for those who have often questioned Pinterest and wondered what all the hoopla is about…here is just a taste. It is an “online pin board” where you can add and read posts by others about, virtually, anything under the sun. Each photo is actually a link to its origin. You will find yourself stumbling through the wormhole of the the internet, desperate to get the recipe for the fruit pizza! Or whatever tickles your fancy…


There’s a screenshot of my new favorite obsession.

Not into baking/cooking?

There’s a section for you! Art, Photography, Travel, Literature, Fitness, Architecture, and even Science! It holds a collection of great websites that will inevitably inspire you (or make you hungry) OR have you scouring your local grocery store searching for mason jars**, even though you don’t know how to can fruit or veggies…yet!

Hurry! Get yourself on the waiting list (yep…waiting list!) and get ready to wonder where the last 5 hours of your life went.

You’re welcome, in advance!


**Pinterest will inexplicably make you fall in love with mason jars. Accept it. Embrace it.


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