Snuggie Superlatives

As I sit here, in my Snuggie, writing this post, it is obvious my stance on Snuggies has changed.


Upon first viewing of The Snuggie infomercial, I swore I’d never purchase what is, essentially, a backwards robe. But I also never thought that moving to a different state would lead to meeting the man of my dreams…

Anyways, back to The Snuggie. 

I was wrong. 

It really IS so awesome. I’m typing up this post, wrapped in warm, soft, fuzzy goodness. My arms are happily ensconced in cozy microfiber (you know, the stuff that feels like puppies and kittens) and  I’ve got the cooking channel on full blast. Life. Is. Good.

Now I know you’re thinking, “What possessed you to purchase a Snuggie?” Well the short answer is, I didn’t buy it. 

Military Man, love of my life, surprised me with some little gifts, one of which was a Snuggie.

I scoffed. A Snuggie? Pour moi?


Well, I can admit. I was wrong. The Snuggie has won me over. A blanket with sleeves and pockets. A glorified robe, worn backwards. A ridiculous looking piece of fabric. And…I love it. 

Not to mention, this makes acting like a ghost and scaring my dog, all the more easier. #MaturityFTW



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3 responses to “Snuggie Superlatives

  1. LOL! I bought a Snuggie once, but ended up returning it because the sleeves were too long and I got tired of pushing them out of my way. That and the fact that it was zebra striped made me look like a tiny pimp when I wore it. LMAO.


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