The Toastess with the Mostest

In my quest for domestic goddess status I’ve been focusing on the kitchen, for obvious reasons, and this weekend Ryan (Military Man) upped the ante.

I’ve been slowly and, I like to think subtly, taking over his kitchen. Rearranging the cabinets, taking over the fridge, adding assorted gadgets and cooking tools, all with panache.

Last weekend we treated ourselves to a Kitchenaid Hand Mixer in Green Apple.

I couldn’t contain my joy in the store! I kept prancing around the cart and finding different ways to work it into the conversation.

“Don’t you think this shirt would look good with the hand mixer?” “Do these shoes look like something someone who owns a hand mixer would wear?” “This water is so cool, but not as cool as my hand mixer!”

Did I mention Ryan is a saint? And he REALLY loves me, given the fact that he acknowledges and encourages my (moderately unhealthy) obsession with all things kitchen related.

I used said hand mixer to make some cupcakes that didn’t…taste cake-y. They were more muffin-esque. I blame the self rising flour…cause you’re not supposed to use a hand mixer with it…BUT I DIDN’T CARE. (This weekend I am making cupcakes again…but a different recipe and of course different flour!)

My apparent affliction to all things kitchen has apparently spread. I walked in Ryan’s apartment only to find, a brand new, Kitchenaid TOASTER!

I’m looking forward to toasting bagels, bread, english muffins, muffin-muffins, and anything else my little heart desires! Now, you may be need to spruce up your kitchen appliances as well. Perhaps that $15 non-brand toaster  isn’t getting the job done. Well I’m going to let you in a little thrifty secret…I buy *almost* all of my kitchen stuff from…TJ MAXX (click here to find a store near you!)

TJ Maxx is a bargain shopper’s dream come true. My dad used to drag me here as a child and I never truly appreciated it until I hit high school and college. I’ve found top brands (Le Creuset, Kitchenaid, Cuisinart, All Clad…etc) all for a fraction of their original retail price. Now, keep in mind some items may have minor flaws or discolorations, so you have to decide what you’re willing to sacrifice: color or cost. But there are some items that have made it to the Maxx in PERFECT condition!

Ryan found the above toaster for $20 on clearance. Nothing was wrong with it. It was a GREAT find! Remember my All Clad Cast Iron Dutch Oven? We spent $25 and it was in perfect condition! While registering for wedding gifts we headed to Bed Bath & Beyond and found the SAME All Clad Cast Iron Dutch Oven for…..$120. Yes. I don’t kid about saving money.

Do yourself a favor and head out to your local TJ Maxx store and see what diamonds in the rough you can discover!

What has been your most exciting discount find? It doesn’t have to be kitchen related, just a find that was a great deal! 

Have a great day!


*photos were found on…cause I was too lazy to take my own…and my camera battery is charging!*


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