Moving On and Up

Tomorrow is moving day! I’m using disposable plates and utensils, sleeping on spare sheets that my mom lent me, and I only have enough clothes for two weeks *sobs* Needless to say, I can’t wait for this to be over. Once I’m at my parents’ house, I still won’t have all my stuff but at least I’ll have a fully stocked kitchen and I won’t be trying to do homework by the light of one floor lamp! I do however anticipate some nostalgia upon seeing my very first apartment completely empty of all my belongings. So to stave off any sentimental feelings, and just for fun, here are 5 things about my new apartment that I can’t wait to enjoy!

5. There’s someone at the front desk 24/7, which means there’s always someone to accept packages. UPS used to leave my packages at the leasing office, but one day they just stopped. They refuse to leave them at my front door (and I’m not sure I trust my neighbors anyway) and they never ever come when I’m actually home. So right now I have to have all my packages sent to my parents’ house. That gets really tricky if I’m ordering Christmas or birthday gifts online!

4. Gas appliances in the kitchen. My mom has always had a gas stove and I had no idea how much I’d dislike cooking with an electric stove until I actually had to do it. It seems to be a preference thing though. My best friend has an electric stove (albeit a much nicer one than mine) and she swears that electric cooks faster than gas while I strongly disagree.

3. More counter space! The more I learn to cook, the more frustrating my tiny galley kitchen got. Better yet, the kitchen comes with a built in microwave over the stove. No more wasting precious counter space with the microwave.

2. I’m still not sure how I feel about not taking my car with me. But getting home from work at 6 p.m. to find no free parking in front of my building (and on a Friday no less!), makes the idea seem a lot more attractive

1. 10 inch thick concrete walls! My apartment now is decently insulated, but the people below me have a party most weekends and they blast their music. I could drown it out with my TV but the bass is so loud I can feel it. I HATE those neighbors


There’s definitely a lot to be excited about, which is good because I’m getting more and more nervous too! It greatly amuses me that people seem to tiptoe around this subject when they’re asking me about the move. It’s like they’re afraid to ask me if I’m getting nervous because I might reply “You mean my mom is eventually going to leave and I’ll be all alone in a city where I know approximately 10 people?!” LOL. At any rate, I’ll definitely still be posting but Brittany will probably be posting more often for awhile. I’ve got a million phone calls to make, friends I promised to spend time with, and various other move related tasks. Have a great Monday!



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