Impatience pays off!

Cheers to Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries! I am well aware that it is far from our anniversary and  February 14th but I am a very impatient person! Ryan and I decided to celebrate our anniversary and Valentine’s Day early!! We have a habit of being unable to hold back on exchanging gifts when we are really excited about them! Hence the lack of patience. Why wait for the actual date of celebration? We like to break the rules!

Well I’ve got to say that Ryan really outdid himself on this one…

My anniversary gift was very sweet and sentimental. It is something that really meant a lot to me and was so personal and special, I’m keeping it to myself.

BUT I am happy to share with you the Valentine’s Day gift!!

My very own stand mixer!!!

I literally screamed and jumped up and down when I opened it. Best. Gift. Ever!

I couldn’t wait to rip it open and get to baking!

And baking is what I did!!

This weekend I made 2 types of blueberry muffins (one batch with bran, one standard batch) and I’ve conquered the cupcakes (FINALLY)

Expect some recipes this week! For now, feast your eyes on my adorable dog enjoying a Snuggie. Remember when I went to the dark side? Well Boo has officially joined me there!

I know he looks miserable, but in the process of trying to stage this photo he fell asleep, ensconced in Snuggie warmth!! The sad truth is, both me and my dog are Snuggie people now.

Snuggie people with freaking amazing kitchen appliances!!!


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