On the Menu: Super Bowl Snacks

Which team are you cheering for this weekend?!

While I don’t really enjoy football, I support any sport that has snacks as a game day requirement.

This weekend I will be creating some layered dips and clever casseroles. I’m all about finding ways to maximize kitchen efficiency! I will also give you a delicious Fettucini Alfredo recipe!

What’s on your agenda this weekend? Are you a football fan? 

Last year’s Super Bowl was when Ryan and I became an official couple, so it holds a very special place in my heart!

I’m looking forward to creating some super snacks!

Side Note: Does anyone else watch the show “Infested” on Animal Planet?

My skin is CRAWLING! It’s so hard to watch and yet I can’t look away. It’s all about people living in places that are infested by insects, rodents, parasites, etc. IT IS TERRIBLE. We’ve watched episodes on on bed bugs, roaches, bird mites, opossums, scorpions, brown recluse spiders and so much more. The last few episodes I watched were filmed in Texas cities.
I turned to Ryan and said, “I don’t know how I made it out of there unscathed!” He then pointed out that I hadn’t actually lived in those cities, I had just lived in that state.

Logic. Sucks.

Either way, I’ve decided that the best method for eliminating these pests is fire. LOTS OF FIRE. They seem to be able to survive insecticide and bug bombs, but I’m betting a healthy amount of lighter fluid and a match would solve that problem real quick.


Have a Happy Superbowl (and Infested) weekend!!!


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