Product Review: The Bobble

I like to think I’m a pretty easy going girl. I’m really not all that particular when it comes to food or drinks. I mean, I have my preferences and issues with texture but that aside, I don’t consider myself to be picky.

That being said, I’ve always been a “tap water” kinda girl. I laugh at the idea of a reverse osmosis filter. The ice/water filter on my dad’s fridge hasn’t been working (nor any attempts made to repair it) in over 5 years.
If I’m out and about and there is NO water fountain available, or I’m REALLY thirsty, I’ll buy a bottle of water. But I’m not the type that can’t drink from the tap. (On a hot summer day, I’m not above drinking from the hose)

And honestly, I’ve never tasted a difference in tap water…until now.

When Ryan moved into his new apartment things changed. There were many good changes; a kitchen, bigger spaces, a patio, not having to go through a security checkpoint to get to my love…I love the Air Force but I always get so nervous on base! I feel like I’m breaking the law cause I’m a civilian! I know that’s silly and untrue, but holy moley tell that to my nerves. I’m hoping that feeling dissipates when we’re married and I have legitimate access (sans Ryan) to the base.

But then there was one change that was not so good…and that was the water.

At first Ryan thought I was crazy. I could tell if he had been drinking water as soon as he started speaking. Brushing teeth didn’t get rid of the smell…cause you rinse your mouth out with WATER. Ice cubes were also out of the question. The shower stunk, the toilet stunk, any faucet stunk; It was like I had the nose of a bloodhound!

So after weeks of my wincing when the water turned on and lukewarm beverages, we finally caved and bought a Brita pitcher. It eliminated the funky smell and taste, but it was a pain to have only one limited source of purified water.

Enter, The Bobble.

The Bobble is a water bottle with a built in carbon filter. It purifies your water as you drink! You can purchase replacement filters and they come in a variety of different colors. I got the pink one.

** If you are interested in purchasing a Bobble of your own, at some Target locations they are selling a Bobble with an extra filter for $14.99 (A regular 34 ounce Bobble retails for about $12.99 and a replacement filter runs about $6.99, but with this bundle you get your replacement filter for a mere $2!!)**

I was skeptical of such an ambitious product. I was skeptical that it could quickly filter out the unfortunate smell and taste in our tap water. If you own a Brita pitcher you know that you have to pour the water into the reservoir and wait for it to drain through the filter. Whereas with this product, there is no “pause for drain” and it filters in real time. So, given my distaste for the tap, you can understand my skepticism.

But folks, it works.

I was AMAZED! It works like a champ! The bottle itself is BPA and PVC free, so you can drink pure water in every sense.

A few other surprising pluses:

-The water doesn’t dribble out. You have to give it a good squeeze (filtering the water) and while that might be annoying to some, just remember, this means NO SPILLS. I feel comfortable carrying it in my purse, knowing it won’t be leaking all over.
-The bottle shape is aesthetically pleasing and fits in your hand comfortably. I didn’t think much about it, but the shape makes it easier to grip than most water bottles. Any other small handed people will appreciate this!
-When you replace the filter, you replace the entire mouthpiece. The filter is built into the mouthpiece so when you swap it out for a new one you can change the color AND you don’t have to worry about washing and disinfecting multiple pieces.

If you get a Bobble for yourself, let me know what you think! What is your favorite hydration product?



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One response to “Product Review: The Bobble

  1. Cheryl Bemis

    LOVE this product idea. It will be perfect for a germaphobe Dad. It’s the gift that hopefully won’t keep on giving back.

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