Guess Who’s Back?!

first things first, I’m the worst blogger ever! I’m SO sorry for pretty much abandoning the blog for over a month. I’ve moved a ton of times in my life, so you’d think I would have remembered how stressful and time consuming moving is, even when it’s an exciting move (out of the 5 major out of state moves I’ve made: 2 of them were extremely exciting, 1 move I absolutely positively did not want to make, and the last 2 weren’t particularly exciting or traumatizing) . But somehow, I always manage to forget about the adjustment period. Up until now I just haven’t had the time or the mental energy to work on the blog. Aside from all the adjustments that come with moving, I’ve also had to adjust to working a real, grown up, full-time job. I also have a significant commute for the first time ever. In total, it takes me approximately an hour to get to and from work each day. I get off work at either 5 or 6 depending on whether Congress is in or out of session, I don’t get home until about 6 or 7, then I have to make dinner, some nights I have homework, and I have to be in bed early so I get can up at 6! Needless to say, it was completely overwhelming at first! Monday it will be three weeks since I started working and I’m definitely getting into a routine, thank God. I do have some new recipes to post, but I’m going to save those for now. Today I want to talk about one of the biggest changes I’ve had to make since moving, because it has to do with food. but first, here are a few pictures of my new kitchen

Yay for not taking up any counter space with that bad boy!

There are a few things about this kitchen that have required some adjustment on my part (no double sink, smaller pantry, only two drawers in the whole kitchen). But as a whole, it’s much nicer than my last kitchen and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Now here’s how my relationship with food and cooking has majorly changed:

First of all, I didn’t bring my car with me. As little as I would use it, it just didn’t make financial sense. Thankfully, nearly everything I need is within walking distance or accessible by the Metro (New Yorkers call it the Subway, we call it the Metro, but it’s the same thing). however, because I’m in the city, there are certain stores I have to go into the suburbs for, and that means a cab ride. I can get a lot of things at the CVS near my apartment (they have far more groceries than any CVS in the suburbs), but there are other things I can only get at the grocery store. In Fort Wayne, I’d gotten used to going to the store whenever I wanted, sometimes every other day, but now it would be a huge waste of money to spend $7 on cab fare just to grab one thing at the grocery store. So now I go every 2 weeks and when I go I really stock up. of course I also have to be cognizant of perishable items and how much I can realistically consume on my own before they go bad. Furthermore, not having a car and always buying A LOT of groceries when I go means that grocery shopping has become a huge hassle. But I suppose that’s a good thing since I love food and could easily spend way too much money on it when I had easy access to multiple grocery stores 24/7. And now for the other big change…

We’ve already established that I don’t naturally enjoy cooking, that’s why I’ll never be quite as good as my mom. Well when I get home after an 8 or 9 hour day at work and I only have about 4-5 hours before I have to head to bed, the LAST thing I want to do is cook. But I’m definitely not going to subsist on microwave meals like I did last summer. So the solution was to cook on the weekends, refrigerate half the recipe, and freeze the other half. Voila! the only cooking I have to do after work is popping leftovers in the oven and making some kind of vegetable for a side dish. Not only do I enjoy not having to cook after work, I also discovered that I enjoy cooking FAR more when I’m not hungry and trying to get it done in time for dinner 🙂 I do get tired of eating the same few things every night (there’s only so much room in my freezer after all) so on those nights I rely on some of my fastest simplest recipes like cream of mushroom chicken and rice, pumpkin gnocchi soup, BBQ chicken breasts, and good ‘ol spaghetti. I’m always looking for more recipes that make a lot of servings and freeze well so I don’t have to make the same thing over and over again. but for now my favorites are baked ziti, best ever mac & cheese, and hearty vegetarian pasta (are you sensing a theme here?!).

So if there’s anybody out there looking for tips on cooking and/or grocery shopping less often, I’m sure I’ll be sharing a lot about that as I learn more. My wonderful parents helped me do a major stock up trip while they were here since there were three people to help carry stuff, and now I just stock up on perishables, bottled water, and a lot of canned goods as I need them. To give you an idea of what my freezer and pantry look like, I took some pictures for you 🙂

Sorry, I cannot get WordPress to rotate this picture

Note the ice maker. That might be one of my favorite things about this kitchen!

I’ll be back soon with some recipe posts, but I wanted to let everyone know that I had dropped off the face of the earth! Have a great weekend 🙂




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2 responses to “Guess Who’s Back?!

  1. Lisa

    This is such a good post Vanessa! You took excellent pictures too! I love how well your freezer is stocked and how orderly it is!! 🙂

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