A Charleston Adventure

Two weeks ago Ryan and I packed up the pups and headed to Charleston for the weekend. We had a very fun and relaxing mini-trip!

We enjoyed walking around and taking pictures of the area.

We snapped one of our best photos together EVER by the water!

We had a wonderful time exploring and sampling the local wares.

I purchased some GORGEOUS earrings from a local shop and we obviously enjoyed some local eateries (which will be covered in a separate post)

We stopped at the Air Force Base in Charleston and I was AMAZED by the commissary. It was humongous! And the selection was fantastic! They had so many organic options (for great prices) and the produce was wonderfully fresh. We did a grocery shop on our last day, to stock up for the rest of the week and utilize our newest purchase…



It was one of those things that you want for awhile and after doing LOADS of research you finally cave and purchase it. It has paid for itself in delicious juice. Plus anything that allows me to sneak in extra vegetables for a certain guy of mine is a WIN in my book.

After a fun and relaxing weekend  it was back to the grind. A weekend goes by WAY too fast!




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  1. Stacy

    Have fun with your juicer, Brittany! We have the Breville juicer too and use it every morning. If you ever want to swap favorite juice recipes, just email me because I’m always looking for something new and delicious.

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