Juicing for Newbies

We bit the bullet and bought a juicer a few weeks ago. It is a great product to have in your kitchen and the nutrition benefits of juicing are numerous. I watched the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” which lead to my initial interest in juicing. After reviewing several options and doing my product research I narrowed down the make and model of my dreams (The Breville Ikon). We discussed the pros and cons of the juicer and finally decided it was worth the investment.

Juicing can be VERY expensive. Apart from the initial purchase of a juicer, you also have to consider the large amount of produce you will be juicing. The benefit of being able to eat many more vegetables and fruits comes with a *sometimes* hefty price tag. However, you can easily make juicing fit into your lifestyle by following a few general rules:

1. Budget, Budget, Budget: If you are anything like me you are easily swayed by the prettiest of produce in the grocery store. Kale will call you, celery will sing to you, and suddenly you’ve got $75 worth of fruits and vegetables and no money for anything else. If you budget accordingly, it is easy to juice and not overspend. Depending on your personal finances, you can make juicing a “once a week” or “once a month” splurge. Choose a week that will be your juice week and budget accordingly.

2. Buy what’s in season: Again, while pineapple tastes FANTASTIC, the price in January is quite steep. Leafy greens can be found most of the year and they pack a punch of nutrients for a pretty low price. If you stay in season, you’re going to save money in the long run. (This website shows what’s in season depending on the month!)

3. Pre-Shop: Before making your list, head to the grocery store and see what’s in stock. There could be a special on apples, or you might discover a great deal on cucumbers. By pre-shopping you can make better decision about what is on sale, or more affordable. If you walk in with mangoes on your mind and discover they are $4.99/lb it will give you the time to be more creative and find a way to work with a different fruit.

4. Be Flexible: Be willing to try different combinations! I’ve found with enough apples, I can drink any vegetable in juice form. And for goodness sake, DON’T BE AFRAID OF KALE! When I did my research on juicing almost every blog said, “Don’t juice kale until you’ve developed a taste for veggie juice” etc etc! But kale has such amazing nutritional value, I couldn’t pass it buy without a try! If you hose it down really well and clean out the grit, add some granny smith apples, an orange or two and a lemon (to brighten the flavor) you will wind up with a great tasting juice that most anyone will happily drink!

Let me know about your adventures in juicing or if you have any favorite recipes!


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