Fresh Orange Juice

Open any cookbook and you’re likely to see the phrase “mise en place.” This is French for “putting in place” and when you cook, you’ve got to have everything out and ready to go. When I cook, bake or do any kitchen task, I have to have my “mise” ready.

And this doesn’t come in handy more than when you juice.

Dealing with large volumes of produce, a sharp knife, a juicer that sounds reminiscent of a small jet and begging canines (no? just me?) makes it vital to have a good set up!

This is my basic set up for juicing. Below are the steps I follow to make the most amazing orange juice EVER~

I created an assembly line over the sink. The fruits and veggies are cleaned and prepped in the sink then plopped on the cutting board. The discarded peels and trimmed ends can be quickly wiped off the board, leaving the fresh produce ready for the beast (read: juicer). I also had extra jars on hand. (Being new to juicing, I was unsure of how much liquid I would end up with. I wasn’t about to let the delicious nectar spill on the counter!)

Chop the tops and bottoms off the oranges to give yourself a stable platform. Nothing is worse than an errant orange. (Say that 5 times fast!)

Using a knife you are comfortable with, carefully remove the peel and pith from the side of the orange. Leaving you with delicious orange jewels. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t eat one. It looked too good…I blame my peeling skills.

Depending on your juicer, turn it on and set it to the proper speed for citrus. Start dropping in your peeled and prepped fruits and watch the magic happen. The end result it foamy, frothy and heavenly sweet. It is a dessert masquerading as a healthy beverage!

This is Ryan’s favorite treat. He is an avid orange fan and the promise of fresh OJ was really what convinced him that we HAD to have a juicer.

Hope you have a great week/weekend!



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