Review: Three Little Birds Cafe, Charleston, SC

A few weeks ago we went Charleston for a fun weekend getaway. It was relaxing and amazing! We had such a great time and got to do a little exploring.

Being the foodie that I am, I had to find the best place for getting some local grub. After a sub-par seafood experience, I knew I had to find the right place for us to end our weekend on a tasty note. After a bit of googling I stumbled upon Three Little Birds Cafe. I always like to look at the menu online and this one looked very promising!

We pulled into the shopping centre, searching for the cafe and I spotted an Earth Fare! I looked at Ryan and he goes, “I know where we’re going after breakfast.” He loves me so much!

After winding through the parking lot, we finally stumbled upon the cafe. It is located in a bit of a weird location, kind of mid-parking lot. We parked and walked into a packed cafe which is always a good sign. There was no seating indoors, so we opted to sit on the little patio. The sun was shining and there was a lovely breeze. We already knew what we wanted, cheers to pre-reading a menu, so we quickly placed our orders! I got a celery, pineapple, orange, and carrot juice to go with my water. I was very impressed that they offered fresh juice blends, not the standard “from concentrate” cocktail blends.

Ryan ordered eggs over-medium, with andouille sausage and cheese grits. His was gone so fast! He LOVED the sausage and grits. (You can see him tucking into the food while I was documenting our meals 🙂 )

I opted for an omelette with goat cheese and fresh basil. On the side I had mixed greens and a house-made strawberry citrus vinaigrette. DE-LI-CIOUS!!!!!

I loved the omelette so much, I’ve been re-creating it at home!

A little bite of Heaven!


After our yummy brunch, we headed to Earth Fare! That is where we purchased our juicer and became juicing fanatics.

Overall I recommend this quaint cafe. It is very vegetarian friendly and very FRESH!.

For an inexpensive and tasty breakfast in Charleston, SC be sure you head to Three Little Birds!

Have a great week!



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