From a Miss to a Mrs.

As the title alludes, I’ve been in a wedding whirlwind, then a honeymoon hurly-burly, and now I’m switching to a moving mayhem.

Prior to our wedding I went back home to Texas where 2 of my friends threw me an amazing bridal shower and bachelorette party. (Hello Erin and Michelle! Thank you again for your hard work, both parties were AMAZING!)

I had a wonderful time catching up with friends who spoiled me…and my kitchen. Thank you to everyone who attended, it was wonderful to visit and spend time with you all!

One of the best and most appropriate gifts was my very first recipe box. It is odd to think I never had one to begin with! Now that I do I can’t wait to fill it with my favorite recipes and pass it down to the next generation. After a time spent visiting with friends, I headed back to South Carolina for the nuptials. Mine and Ryan’s family flew in for the very small, family only ceremony, which was supposed to be an outdoor wedding, but more on that later.

After my family arrived my mom and stepmom (and even my dad) got to work on making my bouquet and other flower arrangements. I ordered the flowers online and had them shipped to me, knowing I had 2 talented ladies who could easily whip up my dream bouquet.

Which is precisely what they did!

Together, my mom and my stepmom cranked out 1 dream bouquet, 3 boutonnieres and 4 corsages, all the night before the wedding. Not to mention all of the additional floral decor that they took to the venue and used to jazz up the tables and wedding cake. I really couldn’t get over my bouquet. It was what I had always envisioned and they created it with no reference and just a vague suggestion from yours truly. Thank you again mom and Cheryl for working so hard!

(And special thanks to my mom for keeping me grounded and helping me stay calm during all of the wedding catastrophes. Your support and love is greatly appreciated!)

The night before the big day I went to try on my dress for my mom and grandma, only to discover that it didn’t fit.

Cue complete nervous breakdown.

My mom was superwoman and we were off to David’s Bridal like a shot, with my being a sobbing mess. Turns out they sold me the wrong dress and I was lucky enough to discover this the night before my wedding. We ended up scrapping the original dress and got a new one. David’s Bridal was kind enough to take back my old dress and we ended up paying the price difference. They were SO amazing and wonderful, I was not a happy bride and they really went above and beyond the call to help us out.

New dress in tow we returned to the hotel where yours truly lamented about being an only child and therefore denied the opportunity of elopement to which my mom kindly pointed out, “Well… you’d still need a dress for that.”

I love her!

A few more snafus occurred; my makeup artist called in sick and it rained so our wedding had to be moved indoors.

But everything came together just as it was meant to. I had a dream wedding, really and truly. It was wonderful to have everyone enjoying themselves and joking around. One thing I love about both of our families is the shared sense of humor. I walked down the aisle to the theme from Jurassic Park (a youtube video of the song to be precise) and I’ve never seen Ryan smile quite so large. We wrote our own vows and I managed to make it through with just sniffles and no actual crazy tears.

The food was fantastic, our venue was perfect, everything came together as it was meant to be. Despite the rain, makeup, and dress issues, I really did have the perfect wedding.

I married my best friend, what could be better than that?



**Thank you to our friends and family for your support and enthusiasm. I will update more wedding photos as I have them, the professional photos will take a wee bit of time. We love you all and thank you again for everything!!**




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2 responses to “From a Miss to a Mrs.


    Congratulations Brittany!!!!

  2. Thank you Mrs. Floyd!!! We are very excited! 🙂

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