Toying With Trends

This is an old post! I wrote not long after I got home from my top-secret apartment hunting trip with my mom  in January. In fact, I had to fudge some details when I originally wrote this because I hadn’t told my employer that I was leaving yet so I hadn’t mentioned the move at all on Facebook or the blog. Before I had a chance to post it, things got so busy and this post got forgotten. It seems weird to post it now, but I figured a non food related post was in order since that’s all I’ve blogged about lately. So without further ado, here’s a long overdue fashion post

Feather earrings are EVERYWHERE right now. I’ve seen them at predictable places like Claire’s and Charming Charlie’s, but I’ve also seen them at Steinmart, Gordmans, and little boutiques. I think they’re cute, but most of them are huge and come in very bright colors, making them anything but subtle. I was still open to trying out the trend though. And then, back in January when my mom and I were checking out the gigantic mall located ten minutes from my apartment, I found a really cute pair at a little boutique type store. They were beige and there were several small feathers instead of one big one. Between the neutral color and the smaller size, I thought they’d be a great way to ease into this trend. Unfortunately, they never made it home. Sometime between buying them and getting back to the hotel, they must have fallen out of my purse 😦 Thankfully they weren’t expensive, but I was totally bummed.

So I decided to stop by Charming Charlie’s once I got back home to see if I could find anything similar. I didn’t, but I did find two pairs that were fairly small and in neutral colors

What do you think? Both pairs were only $7.99 each and they were the kind that come with two other “coordinating” pairs. Some I kept, some I didn’t. But I love totally affordable trends!

Question of the day: Is there a current trend you’re thinking about trying?


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