Finally Moved

Hello dear readers! It’s Brittany here to give you a quick update!

We’ve finally arrived in Texas! Our stuff has yet to arrive, but we made it here safely!

I made it through my first (of many) military moves and I’m happy we were about to drive all the way here with no problems. We’ve been getting the run around on when our stuff is due to arrive, hopefully soon!

We bought a new loveseat recliner duo and my wonderful parents gave us some furniture so our little house is a bit more homey.

I’ve been working hard cleaning and putting things away, finding everything a home…not easy when you’re terrified of the closets. The home we live in has vast amounts of various closet space, but the closets seem a tad too rustic for me.

I’m seriously paranoid about spiders and scorpions. I’ve already sprayed outside (and emptied the bottle) with Raid Repellent. On the inside I’ve used an eco friendly, pet safe, non-toxic, plant based spray…it balances out my outdoor chemical warfare.



Our home is wonderful though, a few quirks that make me feel a little uneasy, but the kitchen covers a multitude of sins!

The kitchen was a major selling point for me. It is spacious with ample cupboards, GAS STOVE, great natural light, plentiful countertop space, GAS STOVE.

In case you couldn’t tell, mama likes a gas stove.

I will be posting some pictures once our things arrive and I’m able to unpack! Until then, I’m heading off to the local farmer’s market!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day! And you those of you with a crock pot and taste-buds should make Vanessa’s new cheesy beer chicken recipe!



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