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Toying With Trends

This is an old post! I wrote not long after I got home from my top-secret apartment hunting trip with my mom  in January. In fact, I had to fudge some details when I originally wrote this because I hadn’t told my employer that I was leaving yet so I hadn’t mentioned the move at all on Facebook or the blog. Before I had a chance to post it, things got so busy and this post got forgotten. It seems weird to post it now, but I figured a non food related post was in order since that’s all I’ve blogged about lately. So without further ado, here’s a long overdue fashion post

Feather earrings are EVERYWHERE right now. I’ve seen them at predictable places like Claire’s and Charming Charlie’s, but I’ve also seen them at Steinmart, Gordmans, and little boutiques. I think they’re cute, but most of them are huge and come in very bright colors, making them anything but subtle. I was still open to trying out the trend though. And then, back in January when my mom and I were checking out the gigantic mall located ten minutes from my apartment, I found a really cute pair at a little boutique type store. They were beige and there were several small feathers instead of one big one. Between the neutral color and the smaller size, I thought they’d be a great way to ease into this trend. Unfortunately, they never made it home. Sometime between buying them and getting back to the hotel, they must have fallen out of my purse 😦 Thankfully they weren’t expensive, but I was totally bummed.

So I decided to stop by Charming Charlie’s once I got back home to see if I could find anything similar. I didn’t, but I did find two pairs that were fairly small and in neutral colors

What do you think? Both pairs were only $7.99 each and they were the kind that come with two other “coordinating” pairs. Some I kept, some I didn’t. But I love totally affordable trends!

Question of the day: Is there a current trend you’re thinking about trying?


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Trends: To Follow or Not to Follow

I’ve posted a couple recipe posts in a row, so here’s a fashion post for you all.

When it comes to fashion, “trends” are a divisive issue. There are those who blindly follow any and all trends, wearing whatever fashion magazines and designers deem to be “hot right now.” They often change their clothing and accessories as often as the trends change, which we all know happens quickly. And then there are those who uniformly refuse to follow trends simply because they think its wasteful or that it infringes on their originality.

If you’ve been reading this blog for anything length of time, you know that I love to try out current trends. But I, along with lots of women, fall in the middle of the two extremes listed above. I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes in general (classics that I know will last and be in style forever are the exception. I have a leather jacket that I’ve had, I kid you not, since 8th grade). $40.00 is probably the most I’ve ever spent on jeans, and I especially don’t spend big bucks on trendy items. Also, I keep my clothes forever and I don’t necessarily stop wearing something just because it’s no longer the “it” item of the moment. Furthermore, just as I don’t refuse to wear something just because it’s trendy, I’m not going to wear something I don’t like simply because it’s a trend.

The faux fur trend that’s everywhere this Fall is a great example of this. Colored denim, riding boots, animal prints, lace, I love it all. But the faux fur trend just doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t dislike it, I just haven’t found any faux fur items I had to have. And that’s perfectly okay.

And then one day I was in Target and I fell in love with a winter coat…with faux fur trim. And that’s okay too! I’ve been searching for a long time for a reasonably priced dressy black winter coat. Since I already have a black North Face jacket and dressy winter coats in red, grey, and houndstooth, I wasn’t willing to pay a lot for yet another one in black. Needless to say, I’ve been searching for awhile. Good winter coats aren’t cheap. But then I found this beauty

Coat: Mossimo, Target $59.99

I was a little surprised by how much I loved the fur on this coat considering that I didn’t much care for any of the other fur embellished items I’d seen up until now.  But it looks great on this coat. And most importantly, the fur is completely detachable. I was willing to pay $59.99 for a good quality basic black coat, but if the fur hadn’t been detachable, I would never have paid that much. So now I have one coat that with the fur trim is a dressy coat with a little something extra and without the fur is a basic black  coat that will go with everything from jeans to a dress.

Fashion is so much fun! And it’s entirely possible to play around with trends without spending a ton of money. So the moral of the story is, don’t be too quick to follow every single trend there is or to shun them altogether.

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Head over Heels [For Fall Footwear]

Sorry this post is a little behind the times, this was yet another post that was written during our hiatus. But even though it’s no longer Fall, it’s only going to get colder out. So really, it’s still quite relevant 🙂

Being only 5’2″ and a girly girl, I love heels as much as the next girl. But sometimes you just want to be able to walk around campus, run errands, or go out with friends without worrying about your feet hurting. Unfortunately, it’s rare when fashion meets function, especially when it comes to shoes. But this Fall (and for several previous years) there’s a shoe that possesses this rare combination. Hello riding boots!


Riding boots are comfortable, versatile, and totally chic. I’ve wanted a pair of riding boots for about three Falls now. Haha! Unfortunately, most of them are quite expensive. But a few weeks ago, I finally picked up my first pair during a ridiculously good sale at Kohl’s. They’re not real leather, but it’s an impressively good imitation. And I’m absolutely in love with them.

Here’s another view of the detailing on the boot

Boots: Sonoma, Kohl’s $47.99 (current sale price at time of post, originally $79.99)

These boots look great with leggings, tucked in or under jeans, and with skirts. I wear them all. The. Time. And while they are definitely hot for Fall, these boots will work right through Winter as well. In fact, I recommend buying them slightly big so you can wear them with thicker socks in cold weather. Especially if you go for a non leather pair. Now, I know there are lots of boot styles out there, but one of my favorite things about this style (aside from the fact that they’re flat) is that they add a little something to an outfit, taking basic jeans and a sweater to the next level.

Because riding boots are often pricey, I opted for basic black that will go with everything. But I’ve been seeing cognac boots everywhere and I love the way they look with dark denim. Imagine my delight when I found an extremely affordable pair at Target. Admittedly, they’re obviously lower quality than my black pair despite both being faux leather. But for a trendy item that I may not wear as often, that doesn’t bother me.

Boots: Target, $34.99

I paired these with dark jeans, a white sweater, and gold accessories for an outfit that was simple, cozy, and stylish all at once. I’m sure I’ll come up with other ways to wear these boots, but pairing them with jeans and a sweater is an outfit I will definitely be repeating this Fall and Winter. I just recently convinced my mom to buy a pair of riding boots as well! These aren’t going out of style any time soon, and I promise you’ll wear them to death!


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Belts 101

I talk a lot in my fashion posts about how accessories can make the outfit, and belts are a great example of this. Just like jewelry, a cute belt can make an outfit instantly look more pulled together. And for those of us with tiny waists but a curvier bottom half, belts are a lifesaver. Cinching your waist with a belt has become especially popular ever since President Obama was elected and people started paying very close attention to what First Lady Michelle Obama was wearing.


Clearly, the First Lady knows what a great fashion tool belts are. But when something becomes really popular, lots of people start copying the trend, and it doesn’t always get done right. When I’m out in public, I’m always observing what other people are wearing, it’s how I’ve gotten the idea for some of my favorite outfits. But lately I’ve noticed a lot of people wearing a belt the wrong way.

Unless it’s being used to hold your pants up, a belt should always be worn around the smallest part of your waist. For most people, this is going to be just below or right at where your ribs stop. Wearing a belt any lower than that is going to emphasize what-for most people-is the largest part of their waist, and that’s definitely not what you’re going for. Here’s photographic proof:

This is NOT flattering folks!

Now here it is again, done correctly:

Can you see the difference?! Even though I have a long torso, wearing the belt that low makes me look stumpy and definitely emphasizes my tummy.

I put on the plain white t-shirt for two reasons. 1) the focus of this post was on how to wear a belt, not on the outfit itself and 2) Several of the times where I saw a woman wearing a belt too low, she was wearing it with a white t-shirt. But before I go, here’s an outfit with a belt that  I’d actually wear. The definition of my waist is much clearer with this outfit thanks to the shape of the cardigan.

Ruffled tank: Energie, Kohl’s
Cardigan: Mossimo, Target
Python belt: Anne Taylor

So break out your belts folks, and emphasize those waists! (Oh, and you’re welcome for posting an unflattering picture of myself on the internet so you don’t end up with a picture like that.)


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Colored Denim

Well I don’t know about where you live, but since my last fashion post, Fall has  arrived in Indiana. And I couldn’t be happier! Although I was born in Indiana, I spent most of my life living in Texas. I had very little memory of what “real” winters are like. Needless to say, I was not thrilled about that aspect of my family’s move back to indiana. And the first winter was rough. But I’ve been in Indiana for three years now, and I’ve come to realize that I love living in a temperate climate. As much as I abhor winter, by the end of summer I’m pretty sick of warm weather as well. And really, there are just too many fabulous clothes out there for each season to only get to enjoy a few of them. At this point,  I’m not even sure I could go back to  living in Texas, where the four seasons are: almost summer, summer, still summer, and Christmas. But I digress…

I am so excited about the 60 degree temps. But my favorite part about Fall is, you guessed it, the clothes! And one trend that is going to be huge this Fall is colored denim. I don’t mean trading up your blue jeans for black or grey, I’m talking colors straight out of a crayola box:


Now I know what you’re thinking, “I’m not a celebrity or a runway model, I can’t pull those off!” But I’m here to tell you that you can. I’ve had my eye on this trend for awhile, but colored denim isn’t something you can find in just any clothing store, and I also was unsure whether I could pull it off. But at the end of August, I was in Chicago for a girls’ trip and I happened upon a pair of red jeans in Nordstrom’s. I decided to try them on, and it was love at first sight. They were absurdly cheap for being from Nordstroms (being in the junior’s department helped), so I bought them! I wasn’t sure exactly what I would wear with them with- other than black- but I was confident I’d figure that out with time and a little help from the internet. And now I can pass what I learned on to you. Read on for four ways to wear your red jeans.

Admittedly, Red is not the most versatile color in the world. At first pass, grey and black seem like the only colors you can wear with it. And unless you want to look like you’re begging for attention or trying to wear an outfit from a fashion show that wasn’t actually meant to be worn in public, those three colors are pretty much your only options. But there are ways to give basic red and black a little extra…je ne sais quoi.

Option 1. Red jeans and a basic black t-shirt works, but can be kind of dull. With the right accessories though, you have an outfit that makes people look twice…Might I recommend leopard print?

Skinny Jeans: Love Fire, Nordstroms
Leopard flats: Aerosoles, DSW

Option 2: This is one of my favorite combinations because it’s so comfy and cute. Again, I’m doing basic black and red with an accessory that makes it look put together instead of just thrown together

Long cardigan: Mossimo, Target (bought last Winter)

Option 2. instead of a solid shirt, try pairing your red jeans with a graphic tee in black, white, and/or grey colors

Graphic Tee: Anne Taylor Loft (here’s a closer look)

Option 3. If you want a slightly dressier look, add a blazer with the sleeves rolled up, and you’ve got an outfit that’s both trendy and effortlessly chick

Blazer: Calvin Klein, Macy’s
(Side note: I spent this summer as an intern in DC and had to dress very formally. I definitely don’t make a habit of buying designer clothes)

So there you go! A bold item like red jeans really can work into your everyday wardrobe. Also, if you like the colored denim trend but you’re not quite ready to commit to red, some of the other shades like cobalt blue are a little more versatile and slightly less daunting. Or you could always fake it til you make it. When you feel great in an outfit, it shows!


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