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They just don’t make ’em like that anymore

First a photo of a working lunch/hungry hound.

Lunch of champions: Everything bagel thin (obsessed!) with Smart Balance, hummus, goat cheese and 2 chopped up carrots. Plus a banana. Not pictured: JUG of water. Hydration overload here!

Carrot beggar! “Please mom…just one…just onnnnneeeeeee”

But back to the main reason for my post:

I’m a sucker for classic movies.

TCM owns me. In college, my ability to get things done solely depended on the TCM schedule and whether or not “Gypsy” was on.

I can remember the first time I saw “Singin’ in the Rain.” I was staying with my grandmother and I had worn out my tape of “Captain January” (Shirley Temple…anyone?!) so I went foraging for other movies and stumbled upon “Singin’ in the Rain.”

The cover looked fun, dancing with umbrellas and obviously singing was involved. I liked rain. So I popped it in and it changed my life!

Whenever it rains I start up that Gene Kelly dance routine. Also in college I had an annoying endearing tendency to sing, “Good Morning!” after every overnight cram session. My friends just LOVED me!

I miss the time when movies were called pictures, when diction mattered, and you had to have talent to make it in Hollywood. (Dancing, singing, and acting, often simultaneously.)

When movies had musicals within them…just because.

The Golden Age of Cinema.

I only wish I had been there to see it firsthand. I’d gladly give up Internet and Starbucks for the chance to go back in time and live large in the 50s.

But why am I going on about the movies?

Well folks I have a confession….

I’ve never seen Gone With the Wind.

And tonight I’m going to change that!

I’ll let you know what I think after I finish (it might take 2 days…it’s a long movie!)

Are there any classic movies you haven’t seen? For me it used to be The Sound of Music (Military Man changed that one) and  Gone With the Wind (Which will change after tonight) But one movie I never, ever, EVER, plan on watching is Titanic. NEVER.

How about you?!



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