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Fantastic French Toast

Ever since I was a little kid I haven’t been able to eat sweet things for breakfast. Basically, no sweet foods on an empty stomach, or it makes me ill.
This means no cinnamon rolls, no french toast, no pancakes, no waffles; anything slathered in syrup is a no go.

Unless it’s dinner time!

Luckily for me, Military Man’s favorite type of food is breakfast, and we like to be crazy and have breakfast foods for all 3 meals!
Today that meant a decadent French toast.


-2 slices bread of your choice
-1/3 cup whole milk
-2 egg whites, 1 whole egg
-1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste (vanilla extract will also work, 1:1 ratio)
-1 tsp cinnamon
-2 pats of butter
-1 tsp powdered sugar (optional)

Notes: If you use a thicker bread I’d recommend doubling the recipe to ensure it is properly soaked

***If you want to make a healthier version substitute skim milk for whole, use all egg whites, and don’t add the butter.***

First crack 2 eggs, separating the yolks. (You can toss them…or give them to your doggy!) And then add one whole egg.

Whisk briskly and add 1/3 cup whole milk. Whisk again.

Next, it is encouraged to startle your dog (or other kitchen friend) with the camera. He is hoping for more yolks!

Add cinnamon!

This is vanilla bean paste. This is what will take your French toast to the next level. If you’re crazy (like me) you’ll add more than the 1/2 tsp….you’ll add 2 heaping teaspoons! And you’ll thank me later. Whisk again!!

At this point Military Man said, “Oh, I see what you mean by health code violations.” What you call “violations” we call “quality control.” Either way, Boo approves of the consistency and that’s what counts.

Whisk the batter again (whisking is the key to keep all the ingredients combined because they have a tendency to settle) drop bread into the batter and make sure both side are covered then drop into a pre-heated pan (medium/high heat) Cook each side until golden brown! Just before removing from pan, drop in one pat of butter and let the bread soak it up. Paula Deen would approve!

Add syrup and powdered sugar…and one hungry puppy.

MMMMMMM! Military man approved! (Military Man took all of the photos for this post apart from the last one…such a supportive boyfriend!)

You can find the vanilla bean paste at any specialty food store…or TJ Maxx.

What is your favorite breakfast food? Do you like breakfast any time of day or are you a “strictly breakfast for breakfast” person?

Have a great weekend!



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