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Review: Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Greek Yogurt

*Gasp* I’m posting a new entry and it has been less than a month since my last one! 😉 But I tried a new product while I was in Indiana, so I thought I’d do a review post.

I love greek yogurt and I love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. So when I saw an ad in a magazine for Ben & Jerry’s new frozen greek yogurt, I definitely wanted to try it. What’s not to love, right?! But I don’t go to the grocery store as often as I used too and you’re not necessarily going to find this at every store that carries Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  While I was home for graduation though, I had a chance to check Fresh Market (like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s except much smaller and not as well stocked) and I found it. Unfortunately, the only flavor they had left was strawberry short cake (it also comes in peanut butter banana, blueberry vanilla graham, and raspberry fudge chunk) but I decided to try it.

So here’s what I thought: It’s made by Ben & Jerry’s, so of course it tastes good, and the flavors are reliably unique. but that’s where the pro’s stop. My mom and I both agreed that in a blind taste test, you’d be hard pressed to distinguish it from regular ice cream. it’s not that much creamier. And aside from that, I discovered that it has 50 more calories than a regular ice cream we already had in our freezer and significantly more sugar as well (for the same tiny recommended serving size). I might buy it again if I find the peanut butter banana flavor just because it sounds delicious. But other than that,  at $5 a pint for more sugar, more calories, and none of the health benefits of greek yogurt, I think I’ll stick with regular ice cream.

Question of the night: Have you tried frozen greek yogurt?


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Products We Love: Chobani Greek Yogurt

I’m back, with another “products we love” post!

If you’ve never tried Greek yogurt, you’re missing out. It’s thick and creamy but it’s very low in fat and it has double the protein of regular yogurt, which means you’ll stay full longer. Plain greek yogurt can also be used as a healthier substitute for sour cream in many recipes (I’ve had enchiladas made this way!). There are multiple brands of greek yogurt out there, but I’ve only tried Chobani so that’s the one I’m writing about today (out of curiosity, I compared Chobani to Oikos which I’ve seen multiple commercials for. They’re pretty comparable in calories and sugar, but Chobani is higher in protein).

My favorite flavor, apple cinnamon!

Chobani greek yogurt comes in a lot of really great flavors, which is important because plain greek yogurt is quite bitter. I’m sure it’s something you can become accustomed to, but at first you’re probably going to want sweeter flavors. Chobani greek yogurt comes in: strawberry, strawberry banana, blueberry, pineapple, peach, raspberry, pomegranate, black cherry, passion fruit, mango, blood orange, lemon, apple cinnamon, honey, and plain. Most importantly though, Chobani yogurt isn’t full of sugar and calories that cancel out yogurt’s health benefits. Calorie and sugar content vary slightly among the different flavors, but they’re all either fat-free or 2%. For example, here are the nutrition facts for my favorite Chobani flavor, apple cinnamon:

calories: 140
Fat: 0g
Saturated Fat: 0g
Dietary Fiber: 1g
Sugar: 19g
Protein: 14g

I’ve tried all the flavors except for lemon, honey, mango, and passion fruit. They’re all pretty good (except for pomegranate which I didn’t like because the seeds are included) but my favorites are apple cinnamon, blueberry, and black cherry. So if you’ve never tried greek yogurt, I encourage you to give it a try soon! I have had a little trouble finding some of the flavors, and not every store carries this brand. Walmart only recently started carrying it. But Chobani’s website has a feature that will tell you where you can find their products.


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