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Putting it out there

I figured I’d give this a shot because, well, you never know right?

I’m unemployed.

Not by choice of course, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

I’ve been applying for pretty much everything for the past 3 weeks and so far…no dice.

I’m hoping you, or someone you know, can help.

I’m looking for: Administrative Assistant, Customer Service, Entry-level ANYTHING, Entry-level HR, Entry-level Technical Writing, Call Center positions, Editing, Writing, Childcare etc.

Do have any suggestions? Or any ideas?

I’ve already posted my resume to 3 sites (as well as a staffing service)

I’m looking for jobs in South Carolina. Specifically: Cayce, Columbia, West Columbia, Lexington, Sumter, Elgin, Manning, and Eastover

It’s getting down to the wire and I LOATHE being unemployed.

Any suggestions, connections, ideas, all would be very much welcome! I’m also in the market for positive vibes and PRAYER!

Thanks Guys! Mom appreciates your help!!



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