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Eating Simply: Day 2

On Thursday, I posted about trying to use up the stuff in my pantry and fridge and how I came up with the idea for marinara sauce, gnocchi, and ricotta cheese. Well Friday night I worked until 9:00 so I warmed up some leftover pumpkin gnocchi soup when I got home. Saturday, my brother and his girlfriend were in town for an event that ended up getting cancelled due to weather, so the three of us went out for dinner and a movie. And Sunday night, I made the same thing as Thursday night but with ravioli instead of gnocchi. So tonight was the first time since Thursday that I made something new (FYI: I wrote this Monday night but I’m posting it Tuesday because yesterday was Brittany’s turn to post). And that inspired me to do a series of posts instead of just one about how I’m making due with what I already have on hand.

I think this is something a lot of people can benefit from. It doesn’t have to be because you’re moving and you need to clean out your pantry. Maybe you’ve realized that you eat out or pick things up at the grocery store way too often considering how well stocked your kitchen is. Or maybe you’re just in the mood for something simple and you need a little inspiration. So for the next few days, I’ll post about what I’ve managed to make without going to the store. There won’t be a post every day between now and when I move, because I’m sure at some point I’ll have to order a pizza or buy a couple things at the store. But hopefully you all will find this interesting and/or helpful.


For breakfast this morning, I made myself a “wafflewich.” I got the idea recently, and man are they good! It’s been a long time since I had frozen waffles and I forgot how good they are. Frozen waffles aren’t the healthiest thing in the world, so it’s not something I make all the time. But every once in awhile it’s a nice change from english muffins or bagels.

To make this sandwich, I toasted a whole grain waffle and topped it with a slice of cheddar cheese and a fried egg (I broke the yolk but didn’t scramble the eggs). Yum!

I also had a cup of coffee. I got a $25 Starbucks gift card for Christmas, but I’ve been using my Keurig maker so often that I just finished off my gift card a couple days ago. Yay for saving money and still getting great coffee 🙂


I know this is bad, but I skipped lunch. I was busy today with move-related phone calls, laundry, and homework so I ended up snacking instead. Tomorrow I’ll do better!


Dinner was inspired by a really simple pasta recipe I saw on Pinterest. The recipe called for some ingredients I didn’t have and don’t particularly like, like red pepper flakes. So I didn’t make that, but it gave me the idea for what I did make

Yep, that and the pasta of your choice is all you need!  I cooked whole wheat spaghetti until al dente, then I added the above ingredients to taste while the pasta was still hot and stirred it all together. I didn’t take a picture of the finished product because it wasn’t much to look at, but it sure tasted good. I liked this even better than the gnocchi dish! Granted, it’s not very filling. But that’s why God invented side dishes and dessert! This would also taste great with pine nuts. but only if you already have them on hand! 😉 Enjoy!

P.S. Whenever I make spaghetti, I make more pasta than I need because there’s always enough sauce for one or two more servings. You can do that with this dish as well, but you’ll want to reheat the pasta with a little water since there’s no actual sauce to warm it up with. Rubbery spaghetti is not good!



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Freaky Fast Pasta

I’m a lover of Italian food. Giada de Laurentiis was the first “celebrity chef” whose show I watched religiously. I am enamored with her! But that is another post for another day…for now I shall give you my super fast and pretty darn healthy pasta dish.

Usually, I try to make most of my food from scratch but with this dish the pre-made foods have “hidden” veggies, upping the health factor!

I can whip this up in less than 20 minutes. No more excuses for fast food, people! Healthy food can be delicious AND fast!

Freaky Fast Pasta

Serves 4

-1/2 jar of Prego Veggie Smart Pasta

-3/4 of the container of skim milk ricotta cheese (In my opinion, in this dish, you can’t tell the difference between whole milk and skim milk ricotta cheese, so why not go with the skim milk and cut down your calories?!)

-3/4 of a box of Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta

-1 TBS of oil (pref. Olive Oil)

-A small palm full of salt

-SaltNPepper+ Garlic Powder

1. Add salt to water and bring to a boil. Add pasta and cook according to the directions on the box.

2. After pasta has cooked, scoop 1 cup of pasta water and reserve.

3. Drain pasta and pour into a bowl

4. Add ricotta cheese and sauce to hot pasta and mix. If the sauce is too thick, add tablespoons of pasta water until you reach the desired consistency.

5. Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste and serve immediately

You can add fresh basil or top it with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. This dish is also vegetarian but you could easily turn this into a meat sauce using ground beef, chicken or turkey.

It’s fast and surprisingly healthy! I recommend it for any night that you need a healthy meal, fast. It also refrigerates well and is easy to reheat and enjoy!

Bon Appetit!


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