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For The Love of Smoothies

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in my senior year of college. I’m taking 18 credit hours and I also work part time. I’m really, really busy, to put it lightly. I don’t like to complain though, because I know there are plenty of people who have even more on their plate than I do. My brother who’s also a senior (no we’re not twins…it’s a long story) recently battled strep and mono for approximately a month, and he’s a pre-med student. My best friend once took 21 credit hours in one semester while working, and my mom has two kids, two dogs, four elderly parents, and a house to take care of. But let’s be honest, when you do homework every single night and you’re still barely keeping up, it gets discouraging. I’m muddling through though, because all this hard work now is going to allow me to pursue my passion (more on that at a later date). So how do I manage to keep up with everything, other than organization and self-discipline? Having a ton of energy is my secret.

Thankfully, all of my classes start at 11 a.m., so I don’t have to get up early. But when you’re not getting to bed until 1 a.m. or later because you didn’t even finish all your homework until midnight, even getting up at 9 a.m. is difficult. Of course, if you’re going to need plenty of energy to get through the day, breakfast is essential. But forget getting up in enough time to shower, get ready for school, make, and eat breakfast before I have to leave. I’ve tried meal-replacement bars and shakes because they’re fast and portable, but they usually don’t taste that great and I’m hungry again in an hour. Enter smoothies. They’re delicious, healthy, portable, and filling. Best of all, they give me tons of energy. I don’t find myself in a mid-day slump anymore and even though I’m tired when my alarm goes off, once I get up and moving, I’m good to go. I talked about smoothies briefly in my post about how I started making the transition to healthier eating. But I wanted to write a post specifically about smoothies. And I didn’t share any actual recipes in my other post.  So here are my three favorite smoothie recipes. Don’t judge them until you try them, they’re all healthy and they’re all delicious. I promise!

“Fuel your Day” Smoothies

– Frozen fruit makes smoothies cold and creamy but it isn’t very sweet. Letting bananas get a little over ripe before freezing them will make your smoothies much sweeter without added calories
– All of these measurements are approximations because I’m usually in a hurry in the morning and I never measure anything. They almost always taste pretty much the same despite not measuring the ingredients
– It should be self explanatory, but the only step in all of these recipes is to dump everything in a blender and blend well

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

8 frozen strawberries

1 cup milk

1 large handful spinach (you can’t taste it at all, so go crazy!)

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1 small spoonful Nutella

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

1 frozen banana

1 cup milk

1 large handful spinach

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1 spoonful peanut butter

Thin Mint Green Monster *

1 large handful spinach

1 cup milk

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

Dash of peppermint extract (go easy, this stuff is STRONG)

*This recipe is courtesy of Julie @ PB Fingers. Without any frozen fruit, it’s going to be much thinner than the others. Xanthan gum can help, but use it sparingly because it’s a tricky ingredient. If you use too much, it will take on a really weird texture that isn’t very appetizing

Question of the night: Do you like making smoothies at home? What’s your favorite recipe?


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